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Looking for a healthier you?

Reconnection offers expert help to nurture your body, mind and emotions.


Nutrition & Integrative Health

Despite advances in medicine and modern techniques of diagnostic tests, rates of physical and mental illness are increasing alarmingly worldwide. Modern life, with all its activities and daily stresses, has changed our lifestyles and eating habits, affecting our connections with others, nature and ourselves. I would like to invite you to a journey of reconnection with your integrative health, a state of well-being in body, mind and emotions.
'Reconnection' is a personalised process of self-knowledge and self-care, integrating main areas of lifestyle to produce positive and lasting changes to make you thrive.
As a certified nutritionist and a health coach, I will help you to succeed in your health and wellness goals, assisting, educating and guiding you in developing self-management strategies, offering support as challenges arise, and helping you to make the sustainable, healthy behavioural changes that lead to improved outcomes. It will be a personalised journey, where I will empower you to “cross the bridge” from your current health status to a more balanced, nourished and harmonic one.
Welcome to your reconnection journey!

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My aim, right from the very beginning, has been to transform the way people see health, as a state of positive vitality rather than just an absence of illness. I strongly believe health is a puzzle, made up of many different interconnected pieces, and that it has never been possible to resolve symptoms without looking at the whole person.



I wish to invite my clients for the reconnection process with themselves, nature and others, nourishing body, mind and emotions. My entire professional life I’ve been promoting health and well-being through education, motivation and self-discovery, helping my clients to understand what is making them ill so that the solution can be long-lasting. Working with me, you’ll find that I use a holistic approach, taking into account history, current lifestyle and individual health needs to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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Here at Reconnection, I recognise that every client is individual, who has individual health needs and deserves to have their symptoms acknowledged and validated. I tailor my approach to every client because I know that health is a very personal journey, and I want to help each client discover the root cause of their symptoms.

About me

Food Scientist, PhD
Certified Nutritionist, MSc and Educator
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
Certified Aromatherapist

I am very passionate about food, health and education. Using Functional Nutrition, I treat the patient and not the disease.

I am hugely passionate about food, health and the whole-person approach to well-being that leverages a person’s inner strengths and values. My aim is to be the bridge for your transformation as you learn about nourishing your body, mind, and emotions.



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Consultations / Follow up sessions
Lectures and Workshops

Contact info

Maria Paula Goncalves

Telephone: +44 (0)7938 004202

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