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This area represents your reconnection with your mind and mental health through real food and the techniques of self-knowledge, emotional management, mindfulness, good sleep and stress relief.

Emotional management and stress relief improve the immune system!

Nutritional Psychiatry is a passion of mine. Abnormal levels of key nutrients can have an adverse effect on brain chemistry, mood and mental health. In recent years, the use of food to treat mild to moderate mental disorders such as anxiety and depression has increased. A number of different nutrients have been studied and reported to be involved in pathways relevant to mental disorders and brain function. A diet based on real, whole, natural unprocessed food serves as the basis for the management of emotions and anxiety, providing vital nutrients that are essential for the production of neurotransmitters and hormones by the body. Functional Nutrition is the right fuel for your brain!
The processes of self-knowledge, self-love and self-care, and the practices of gratitude and resilience have been used as therapeutic resources with amazing results for a healthy mind.
A positive, nourished, rested and clear mind will result in great health and wellness outcomes.
Welcome to your reconnection process with your mind!

I started the work with Maria to identify certain health issues I was facing, and to know how to move forward with them. I have found her to be a very engaging, informative health coach who has spent a long time with me, assessing my current health situation, as well as bottlenecks I needed to change in order to move forward. She is highly knowledgeable in her field, has great communication skills and I have been very impressed with the way that she approached this work. I highly recommend her work as a health coach."


C, 38, London

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