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This area represents your reconnection with your body and your genetic and epigenetic history. It’s so important to listen to the messages of your physical symptoms and understand your family genetic history, while at the same time knowing that in the end what makes the difference in your health status is epigenetics: your environment and lifestyle.

Science states that your genes are not your destiny. Your genes and physical symptoms are largely influenced by your environment and lifestyle. Your choices influence your gene expression, which empowers you to improve and keep yourself healthy. Movement, exercise, rest and relaxation are also part of this journey, as important pillars to keep your health and wellness.

Welcome to your reconnection process with your physical body!

For the past few months, encouraged by Maria’s advice and enthusiasm, I succeeded in improving many things that we covered through the sessions. It took me some discipline and commitment, but everything can be achieved with the right mind set and a bit of effort. My plate is much more diverse, I take care that my calorie intake is in line with the exercise practice, my sleeping pattern and energy levels were drastically improved. I'm much more productive and on the on top of it all - I finally started exploring the beautiful world of healthy recipes! Thank you Maria for being so passionate about sharing your knowledge and for your support."


M, 23, Reading

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