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This area represents your reconnection with food and with nature. You will discover the wonderful world of natural flavours, colours, smells and the healing properties of natural ingredients.
There is plentiful scientific evidence of the positive therapeutic potential of nutrition to treat and prevent health issues.
A lack of nutrients can negatively influence a wide variety of metabolic processes in our bodies. In the last 50 years, with the arrival of fast food, the intake of highly processed foods has increased drastically, leading to diets rich in saturated and trans-fats, salt and sugars. It’s incredibly easy to become addicted to this diet, especially for children, who generally reject vegetables and fruits. In addition, easy access, convenient preparation and low cost of fast foods all contribute to the uncontrolled consumption of these unhealthy foods, whose health impacts have been totally ignored – until global statistics pointed to diet-related illnesses as a leading cause of physical and mental health issues.
Nutrients are the building blocks of the body. They are responsible for the formation, maintenance and renewal of our cells. Each cell needs at least 44 to 45 known nutrients in order to do its job, and these nutrients each have specific and linked roles to play – if one is missing, others will not do their jobs.
Food is medicine, energy, information and connection.
Welcome to your reconnection process with real food!

The consultation with Maria truly made the difference in my dietary habits, changing my life style for better. After her recommendations and the advice on foods to increase and avoid, I was able to understand better how my body works. Being able to control my stress, fatigue and tiredness; feeling much strength and happiness. Maria is a very kind and skilled professional, who gave me all the support necessary during my follow-up sessions, to help me to get the results I had. I strongly recommend her services."


F, 37, London

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