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Meditating at Home


This area represents your reconnection with your spirituality, your community and with the meaning of life.
We are social beings by nature. Relationships are one of the health pillars. Likewise, bad relationships and social isolation are significant issues and can lead to numerous problems. Connections make life better.

Spirituality is an essential element of humanity. It comprises individuals’ search for meaning and purpose; it includes one’s connection to others, one’s self, nature, and has played a role in health care for centuries. But by the early 20th century, technological advances in diagnosis and treatment surpassed the more human element of medicine. We need to re-discover this essential piece in our health puzzle!

Positive Psychology and the practices of gratitude, service and empathy can heal physical and emotional issues. Empathy is to feel with people. A healthy dose of empathy is one of the best treatments available.

Finding meaning and purpose in life can change your perspective and improve your quality of life.

Welcome to your reconnection process with your spirituality and your community!

I started the work with Maria to identify certain health issues I was facing, and to know how to move forward with them. I have found her to be a very engaging, informative health coach who has spent a long time with me, assessing my current health situation, as well as bottlenecks I needed to change in order to move forward. She is highly knowledgeable in her field, has great communication skills and I have been very impressed with the way that she approached this work. I highly recommend her work as a health coach."


C, 38, London

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