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Updated: Apr 19

The Functional Nutritional Practice strives for an integrative view of the patient, taking into consideration the interaction of all the systems in the body, emphasising the relationships that exist between the biochemistry, physiology, emotional and cognitive aspects of an individual to find the root cause of the problem, instead of focusing solely on treating the symptoms. This approach is based on scientific data and aims to prevent as well as treat diseases, promoting optimal health through food, lifestyle and supplements, when necessary. It has five basic principles:

  • Biochemical individuality (each organism is unique with particular nutritional needs and imbalances, an individual metabolism and unique tendencies to develop diseases.

  • Patient centered care (an evaluation of the medical history, lifestyle, and diet) using a system of antecedents - factors, genetic or acquired, that predispose to illness; triggers - factors that provoke the symptoms and signs of illness; and mediators - biochemical or psychosocial factors, that contribute to pathological changes and dysfunctional responses.

  • Nutritional balance and biodisponibility of nutrients (the importance of nutrients supplies in balanced quantities and ratios to an appropriate cell function).

  • Health as positive vitality (maximum expression of physical, mental, emotional and social well-being).

  • Metabolic interconnections web (a tool that takes in consideration nutritional, structural and hormonal imbalances, oxidative stress, gastrointestinal ecology, detoxification of the body, immunological changes and body-mind interaction, enabling the identification of organic imbalances).

In short, functional nutrition is a dynamic process that helps restore your body to its best, ensuring health and wellness.

I would love to collaborate with you in this journey!

With best wishes of health and harmony,


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