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Updated: Apr 19

My name is Elaine, I am 53 years old, and I have been obese since I was a child. I have experienced prejudice against obesity in every phase of my life, and in this process, I have been through periods of weight loss using the most diverse types of diets; those who are obese know what I’m talking about. Sometimes they were successful and other times not, but this success was temporary every time.As an adult, at around 26 years old, I started seeing a therapist and went searching for what my relationship with food was and discovered that it was in it that I vented all my emotions (joys, sorrows, anger, dissatisfaction, etc.); in short, food was a reward and a punishment. In my 40s I began to understand obesity as a disease which needs to be treated and it is at this time that I chose to undergo bariatric surgery. At the time I weighed 130 kg, and after surgery, I reached a weight of 59 kg.10 years after surgery, having reached menopause coupled with some disappointments in life, I gained 30 kg, and it was at this point that I started to feel uncomfortable again and realised that I was regressing in my relationship with food. That's when I sought out Dr Maria Paula's help to find a sustainable and feasible weight loss process that would make me connect with myself. I have no words to express everything that is happening to me: food is no longer a reward or a punishment – today, four months after the beginning of my new food plan I’ve lost 13.5 kg. Most important of all, though, is the pleasure I feel today in choosing what I will eat and preparing my food. I have rediscovered self-care, and this is priceless! To those who read this, I hope you’re encouraged to start this process yourself, as this leads to such an immense satisfaction in all aspects of life and springs up opportunities for improvements and achievements. I find it difficult to express here how happy I am with myself. I only have to thank Dr Maria Paula for this change. Take care of yourself! Love yourself! Encourage yourself to make the change you want!

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