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Updated: Apr 30

Food additives were designed to preserve food for long periods of time and great distances. However, the consistent presence of unnatural substances in our bodies such as chemical additives, agrotoxins and heavy metals destabilise the natural functioning of our bodies.

Currently, more than 5,000 chemical compounds are used by the food industry to make products more and more attractive. Many of these additives possess neurotoxic characteristics, which is to say, toxic to our neurons – nervous system cells. This affects the functioning of many organs, and, by extension, our physical, mental and emotional health.

The excessive use of chemical food additives trains our sense of smell and taste to be desensitised to the more subtle flavours and aromas of natural food. As a result, it is harder to appreciate the sweetness of fruits and the flavours of vegetables. More and more we feel we need to increasingly stimulate our palate with more sugar, more salt and more artificial flavours. Recent studies are connecting the use of food chemical additives with:

• the inhibition of digestive enzymes and liver enzymes (that help the detoxification process);

• lack of energy, mainly for muscles and the central nervous system;

• and the alteration of healthy gut microbiome, which leads to an immune imbalance, hypersensitivities to food, and an overactive immune system. It also alters the permeability of the intestine (leaky gut).

An ultra-processed meal can contain 12 to 60 different additives!

Peel more and unpack less!

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