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Before the recipe, I'll leave two nutritional tips:

1. Whenever possible, buy organic potatoes and prepare them with the skin as it increases the fibre content and lowers the glycaemic index.

2. Eat potatoes along with a source of protein and vegetables. This also causes sugar to be released more slowly during digestion.

Now onto the recipe!


- 300 g of potatoes cooked in salted water

- 1 pinch of black pepper

- 1 pinch of turmeric

- 1 pinch of dehydrated garlic

- 1 pinch of dehydrated oregano

- 2 tablespoons of chives and chopped parsley

- 50 g of grated pecorino cheese or any plant-based cheese


Mash the potatoes well with a fork and season with all the other ingredients. Finish with grated cheese. Heat a non-stick skillet with a little extra virgin olive oil. Shape the galettes with the palm of your hands and place them in a pan to brown on both sides.

Serve it hot.

Enjoy your food!

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